Simp slang definition

Simp definition or slang.

Simp #1.  (1a) A man that puts himself in a subservient or submissive position under a woman in hopes of winning her over or without the female bringing anything to the table or put out. See; White Knight syndrome in males and Friend zoned. (1b) A man who’s willingly and ready to throw himself on the front line for a female that he does not know or white Knighting a female usually a; “damsel in distress” in hopes of winning her over by getting end results such as “sexual favors in return or trying to strike up a relationship with her. See Captain save a hoe. (1c) A man who always jocking a female usually for “sex in return or to strike up a relationship with her ” when in reality, the female doesn’t give him the time of the day, look at him as a potential mate or doesn’t take him serious. See: Friend Zoned.

Simp #2) A man who worships or praises the female authority, the female power, the female principalities and virtues. (1a) A man who put the p*ssy on a pedestal or a woman on a pedestral. (1b) A man who doesn’t own up to a female or a woman. (1c)  A man who is an easy target for a  woman or a puppet on a woman’s string. (1d) A man who’s being overly too intentive, too nice, giving or showing too much attention to a female esp: a desperate man who willing to get the woman he can’t have. See Jocking.

       Someone Idolizing Mediocre Pussy
→→→S.I.M.P. abbreviation

A man who tries to win or gain the favor or attention of a woman no matter how hard he tries but usually ,”the female uses him for gainning purposes, or have no intention on being serious with him and he is just a puppet on her string” .1a) A man who usually end up with the short end of the stick from a female. 1b) A man who is seeking or trying to get close to or win a female over without the female showing no sign of interest or in the favor of him; See also friend zone or White Knight.

Simp #3. (1a) A man who let his wife or girlfriend boss him around or run their relationship. (1b) A man whos balls are in a woman’s purse or a man who has no say so or is in reality check by a female. (1c) A man who tolerates a woman’s bullcrap and will not do anything about it or a man who is p*ssy whipped. (1d) A male sucker, looser or a toy to a female. (1e) A man who gets played by a female or a woman ; a man who’s a socker ball to a female.

SIMP #4. (1a) A man who takes up for a woman or an immoral female that he does not know “internet simp”. A man who is an advocate for a female. (1b) A man who always agrees with a woman and doesn’t use his own critical thinking or let a woman do the thinking for him. (1c) A man who shows out infront of a woman towards other men or takes sides for a woman infront of other men even if the female is in the wrong esp, coming to the defense or aid of a immoral or an attention loving woman. (1d) A male simp who’s trying way too hard to impress a woman in front of other men. See;  Mangina, hence “Man-Vagina” or a male feminist.